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Makassar & Toraja hotels and tours

Welcome to the Makassar and Toraja, Indonesia Guide

The lively city of Makassar, previously known as Ujung Padang, is the 4th largest city in Indonesia and the capital of the South Sulawesi Province. It is also the gateway to explore the rich cultural heritage of Toraja (also known as Tana Toraja, Toraja Land, or Tator) in the interior Sulawesi Island. Makassar offers convenient Makassar hotels and is known for its superb seafood and delicious Indonesian cuisine. Toraja has a unique culture and gorgeous landascape, with stunning architecture, Toraja hotels, traditional rituals and beautiful scenery luring visitors from around the world.

Tall limestone outcrops and bright green rice terraces are set against a backdrop of beautiful horizons in Makassar and Toraja.

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Makassar occupies a prominent position in Indonesian history and has been a busy port for many centuries. It is a hustling and bustling city and while you tour in Makassar you will find an enchanting place with schooners and spice flavoured air evoking images of Bugi pirates and a quaint bygone era. Dotted with sandy beaches and places of historic interest, Makassar also has many exotic islands in close proximity where you may like to book a Makassar hotel.

Makassar is the gateway not only to Southern Sulawesi, but also to the whole of eastern Indonesia. Many travellers prefer to travel to Makassar by air and there are regular domestic air services and international links to Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. One cause for confustion for many a traveller is how the Makassar airport code is actually UPG. Since Makassar was called Ujung Pandang from 1971 to 2000, this airport code is still used for the hub today. 

Makassarese are highly skilled at creating crafts, pottery and weaving, and they have also managed to preserve these traditions admirably, making some excellent souvenirs and decorative pieces. The people of Toraja are famously known for their masterful wood carvings. 

Toraja lies around 328km north of Makassar and at 300 to 2880 meters above sea level, it combines tropical lushness with alpine freshness. Traditional Tongkonan houses stand proudly in the picturesque landscape, and rice, cacao, coffee, and clove are cultivated most of the year, with Toraja's arabica coffee known as one of the best in the world.

There are number things to see and do in Makassar and Toraja. Makassar acts as a gateway to famous Sulawesi attractions like Tana Toraja, Bunaken Marine Park, Takabonerate Marine Park and Wakatobi Marine Park. One simply must take a trip out to Selayer Island's fantastic beaches with outstanding diving spots and the Taka Bonerate National Park with the largest atoll in the entire country. Check out Makassar tours and Toraja activities available to see the best Makassar and Toraja attractions.

In the mountainous region of Toraja, there is good fishing, and excellent opportunities for water sports like diving, snorkelling and swimming. Some of the islands nearby have lodging facilities and Makassar restaurants. To get your bearings and find the locations of hotels in Makassar and hotels in Toraja take a look at our map of the region that shows both a map of Makassar and a map of Toraja.

A lot of seafarers and traders who came to Makassar chose to settle here so you will find a mix of cultures that include Chinese, Javanese, Indian and Balinese. The dominant religion is Islam, though there are a sizable number of people who belong to the Christian faith. Hindus and Buddhists are also represented in smaller numbers. The diverse cultures have intermingled for a long time and have assimilated many local practices. 

The three largest ethnic groups that reside in the South Sulawesi Province. The Makassarese live mostly in the west and until the southern coast of the province, while the Toraja ethnic group lives in the northern interior. The Bugis are populous throughout the entire South Sulawesi Province.

We are local to Makassar and Toraja and know all there is to know about Makassar and Toraja. Whether it is booking a quality Makassar hotel or Toraja hotel, or finding the ideal Makassar and Toraja tours we can help you with all you need to know for the perfect Makassar and Toraja holiday.

Bara Beach Bungalows is nestled at the west end of Bira Beach at the southernmost tip of Sulawesi Island. It offers comfortable hideaways in a natural surrounding with green bushes and crystal clear water in its veranda.

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Hotel Horison Makassar is one of the best hotels in Makassar. It is centrally located, making it easy for guests to access any of Makassar's amenities. Hotel Horison Makassar is locally owned and managed by the a native Indonesia hotel chain.

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Mercure Regency Makassar is built in the style of Victorian architecture. Set in astrategic location, just walking distance to Losari - the well known waterfront of Makassar-  yet distant enough from Makassar's busy main roads.  

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Hotel Aryaduta Makassar is one of the best hotels in Makassar. Well located at the Makassar water front, locally known as Losari Beach. It offers a superb red sunset almost all year round.

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Toraja Heritage is now the highest hotel category in Toraja. It was once managed by an international hotel chain under the name of Novotel Toraja. Toraja traditional architecture is well adopted in Toraja Heritage's construction.

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Toraja Misiliana Hotel or locally called as Hotel Misiliana is the only pioneer international standard hotel left in Toraja. The hotel started with just 5 rooms in 1980 and has grown to 101 rooms today. It was the late Bapak Tangkesalu who first realized the need of travellers for a better hotel standard in Toraja.

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Bara Beach Bungalows is nestled at the west end of Bira Beach at the southernmost tip of Sulawesi Island. It offers comfortable hideaways in a natural surrounding with green bushes and crystal clear water in its veranda.

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Selayar Dive Resort is now the best resort next to Taka Bonerate atols. The bungalows are built on modified local architecture which is are housed on stilts using local material.

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Caring for the destinations in which we work is a core whl.travel value. You too can make a difference by booking from local businesses that care. Look for accommodation and tours displaying the round green caring for the destination icon shown here...

Welcome to Makassar!

Makassar & Toraja hotels team

Selamat pagi, and welcome to Makassar and Toraja! We are Incito Tours -- your local connection in Makassar. On your travels to Makassar and Toraja we promise all you will see is fantastic natural beauty and witness a local way of life that will leave you begging for more. Incito Tours is owned & run by Ng Sebastian and his team who are only happy to help. Incito Tours is also our reliable local connection in Komodo and the Lesser Sunda Islands. Check out our sister website to find out more about other accommodations around Indonesia.




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